European Open Science Cloud National Tripartite Event (EOSC NTE)

Organiser(s): Roberto Sabatino

Research Engagement Officer, HEAnet


The NTE follows from the first NTE held in Dublin on 28 Sep 2022, with its report available here.

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Introduction (DFHERIS)
  2. Summary of the NORF NAP 2022 and NAP2023 actions (Roberto Sabatino, HEAnet)
  3. Summary of EOSC MAR and SRIA. Intro to EOSC node concept (Sara Garavelli – EOSC Association)
  4. Perspective from a Irish-based data infrastructure (Chris Burbidge, SFI iCRAG)
  5. Perspective from other National NDI (CZ) (Ludek Matyska EOSC-CZ)
  6. Panel discussion covering:
    1. How do  national actions map to MAR and SRIA – are there gaps and how do we address them ?
    2. What does Ireland need to do in relation to EOSC nodes ? How do we get started, who needs to be involved 

      Moderator: Roberto Sabatino, HEAnet

      Panelists: Peter Healy (DFHERIS), Kathrin Winkler (EC), Daniel Bangert (NORF) Venkatesh Kannan (ICHEC), Sara Garavelli (EOSC-A), Ludek Matyska (EOSC-CZ), Chris Burbidge (SFI iCRAG)

      (*) SRIA is the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda developed by the EOSC-Association in 2022. It is used to inform the Horizon Europe work programmes via the Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR), which forms Section 8 of the SRIA.