MoreBrains Cooperative Awarded Contract for the Review and Analysis of the Persistent Identifier Landscape in Ireland

Posted by Michelle Doran

28 September 2023

News | PID

Ireland’s National Open Research Forum (NORF) is pleased to announce that MoreBrains Cooperative has been awarded the contract to conduct a review and analysis of the Persistent Identifier (PID) landscape in Ireland. This contract results from an open tender run by NORF and Public Procurement Services. Funding for this contract was provided by the Higher Education Authority. 

The work to be undertaken will result in two key deliverables. The first is a PID cost-benefit analysis for Ireland designed to determine and demonstrate the role and impact of PID adoption in Ireland. The second deliverable is a National PID Strategy and Roadmap for Ireland for the next 3-5 years including national-level objectives, recommendations and actions for key stakeholder groups, an implementation plan, and associated targets or indicators for monitoring progress. A Task Force of key stakeholder representatives appointed by and chaired by NORF will oversee this work. 

The review and analysis of the PID landscape will support the implementation of Ireland’s National Action Plan for Open Research 2022-2030, specifically its action to:

“Develop a national roadmap for the adoption of a range of Persistent Identifiers according to international best practice, such as ORCID, DOIs, RAiDs and ROR identifiers. Implement this roadmap to consolidate national coordination and accelerate the uptake and integration of priority identifiers” (Action 4.4.2).

Speaking about today’s announcement, Daniel Bangert, National Open Research Coordinator, said:

“Persistent Identifiers enable research to be more easily found and cited, help to reduce administrative burden on researchers and institutions, and are key to implementing the FAIR principles. The development of a national PID roadmap will ensure a coordinated approach to PIDs in Ireland that supports national aims for open research and research impact.” 

The contract start date is 2 October 2023, with a duration of nine months. For more information, please contact Dr Michelle Doran, Project Manager, NORF, Digital Repository of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy: 

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